Frequently Asked Questions

You have the oppurtunity to attend some of the trainning programmes and getting mentoring and coaching services with a reasonable price

  Trainning fee  (20 TL/lesson)

  Coaching fee (……..TL/hour)

The purpose of the programmes are different. after selecting a programme, you will go over a screennig process to determine your strengths and areas that your are efficient and happy. The final programme will be determined at the meeting that we discuss the results of the assesment.

Entrepreneurship Programme will take 126 hours. Work Programme is 60 hours. Voluntership trainning is included in both programmes.


Trainings will be offered in groups. There will be training also after 6 PM for women who work.


Yes, biz bizze is only for women :) 

There is no fee for the programme participants. Those who attend independent lectures (not the whole programme) pay a reasonable price. The program is supported by solution partners and sponsors.

Sure, you may contact to xxx x xxxx for sponsorship .

Yes, at the end of each program, all participants who succeeded the exam are eligible to have their certificate. The most successful 30 participants of Entrepreneurship Programme will also attend to KOSGEB trainings and will receive KOSGEB certificate.

No, biz bizze is a social project that aims training and giving consultancy to women. There is no financial aid included in the programme.

The programme is the a set of consulting and training services as whole. After the registration, you can take the advantage of coaching services for one year.