About Us

  • Our Aim
    • make women in Turkey aware of their own power and to encourage them to obtain financial independence
  • Our Vision
    • To establish a leading social platform which will allow women in Turkey to gain a different perspective through education to make them participate more actively, to make their lives easier and increase their confidence
  • Our Mission
    • Providing sustainable counseling and coaching services to women in Turkey to adapt them to the changing roles in society, particularly to ensure their involvement in working life.
  • Our Targets

In 1 year;

  • Leading 50 women to found their own business
  • Supporting 100 women to find a job
  • Coaching and mentoring 1.500 women
  • Training 2500 women


This project is supported by JPMorgan Chase Foundation.
JPMorgan Chase Foundation supports a social entreprise in Turkey for the first time. b-fit Sports and Healthy Living Centers for Women is a social enterprise and is held up as a good example in the world.