About Us

The BizBizze Association of Idea and Support for Women was established in 2017 after a one-year preparatory work to strengthen women who are actively involved in social and economic life. Entrepreneurship, Employment and Volunteering programs aims to provide support for women who look for a job, want to be stronger in business life, want to make changes in their career plan, volunteer to support civil society, want to start a business or improve their current business.

We are in a country where the ratio of female entrepreneurs is only 8% and female employment is 28%. BizBizze, by saying Together. More Powerful, started working to change this picture. Our goal is to be an address that helps women to find jobs, to create jobs, to raise awareness of gender discrimination in working life, to act to win women's economic independence, and to bring people and institutions, that strive for it, together.

BizBizze increases the awareness of women, interests and strengths that women who want to take part in active business life from a single center and facilitate their work; design and conduct activities and programs that can accelerate women's changing roles in cultural and social life.

BizBizze facilitates access to the information and support that women need to make their dreams come true and to participate in life with the services they provide through consultancy, guidance, coaching, mentoring, business development and common market areas. It creates a network in which women who participate in programs are brought together with women who have covered a lot of ground in their working life or in entrepreneurship.

While BizBizze is doing all of these, it moves on with by the help of members, volunteers and supporters who want to strengthen their place in life, make gender equality a resident social value, and become part of an egalitarian network of solidarity.